Setting off to explore the world

In the daycare centres, preschools, primary schools and after-school facilities of the Rahn Dittrich Group children experience encouragement and challenges in their own individual balance.

Fear, boredom and resignation spell the downfall of the healthy urge of children to investigate new things and accumulate knowledge and skills. The task of education is not to pigeonhole people or reduce their gifts to a uniform standard, but to promote and support them. This is the conviction with which we encounter our young wards. A key pillar of our pedagogical concept is elementary music education.

Each child has individual talents waiting to be developed. The better this is achieved, the more accomplished the child will feel and the more self-assured it will be in mastering future challenges. To achieve this it requires motivated teachers intent on devoting attention to each and every girl and boy. In our establishments we aim to be a reliable and stimulating partner for the children as they head towards their future.

Sebastian Höhndorf

"When children begin to explore the world they undergo an incredible amount of learning experiences. It is important for us that our children enjoy many successes, thus enjoying the learning experience. Music is a great aid to us in this."

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