Surpassing themselves

The first steps have been taken, the foundations laid, now the aim is to accompany the pupils as they develop in the middle school or grammar school.

Adolescence is a very challenging stage in life for all those involved. School education is therefore not limited to the imparting and testing of content, instead it also incorporates the cultivation of character competencies. Together with the parents, the teachers pursue the goal of forming stable, creative and capable fellow citizens. This is why we place great emphasis on constructive interaction with parents in all of the secondary schools of the Rahn Dittrich Group. The varied range of offers that supplement the curriculum serve to reinforce the adolescents in their competency. They learn that they can build new skills on the knowledge that they have acquired. In addition, these activities also offer an opportunity to test things out and gain a better ability to estimate themselves. We are satisfied when our pupils leave our schools as competent young people full of self-confidence and optimism, who will later be capable of taking a responsible role in the world as adults.

Peggy Kott

"I find puberty a bit like pupation. At this time of transformation, when everything becomes unstable, we aim to provide extensive structure that offers support whilst also enabling a degree of freedom."

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