Developing capabilities

The model of the Clara Schumann school of music and art has been successfully implemented four times thus far by the Rahn Dittrich Group.

Each of these music schools provides a supporting range of offers for other establishments of the Rahn Dittrich Group and is also an independent unit in its own right. This means that our daycare centres and schools can utilise the resources of the music schools, whilst these are also open to other children and adolescents.

This means that numerous boys and girls can take advantage of the extensive range of offers to further develop their natural musical-artistic instrumental or vocal gifts. Elementary musical education commences at the age of 4. For younger children we also offer parent-child courses on request. As it is usually not evident in the beginning which instrument is to be learned, it is advisable to first take part in an instrument carousel in order to identify which instrument best suits the disposition of the child.

Sandra Müller

"Music lessons in childhood and youth also serve the development of emotional intelligence and strength, with cognitive skills also benefitting."

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