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One key focus of the work of the Rahn Dittrich Group is the EU-sponsored project Deutsch-Polnische Bildungsbrücke - the German-Polish educational bridge. The Polish pillar of this is provided by the European Foundation of Education and Culture with its schools in Zielona Góra, which collaborate closely with the German pillar, the Rahn schools in Neuzelle. The objective of this link-up is to enable close co-operation between German and Polish teachers and administrative staff, as well as to facilitate and structure cultural interaction between the pupils. This also involves the German and Polish partners discussing their curricula with one another and attempting to harmonise these, where possible. Within the greater picture of European integration the educational bridge serves the development of cultural relationships and co-operative structures between the Polish and German communities in the border region of Brandenburg and Wojewodschaft Lubuskie. In addition, the convergence of educational content and qualifications is also pursued as a superordinated objective.

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